Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I submit Sacramento County building permit drawings for Fire Department review?

First, please confirm that your project is located within the Courtland Fire Department jurisdiction. Courtland Fire District extends from the Freeport Bridge down to Vorden Road on the East Side of the Sacramento River. It also includes all of Sutter Island, and extends south on Grand Island down to Leary Road on the West side of the river.

Please submit all Building Permit drawings to Station 91. They can be mailed or dropped off in person. If dropping off in person, please call 916-775-1210 to set up an appointment.

Where can I obtain a burn permit?

Residential burning is allowed only for homeowners that live outside of the towns of Courtland and Hood. To obtain a burn permit, please call Station 91 at 916-775-1210. If there is no answer, please leave a message and one of our Chief’s will contact you.

What is a a KNOX lock?

A KNOX lock is a emergency key system that allows firefighters to make quick access to you home or property in the event of an emergency. For more information, including what types of locks are available for purchase, please visit

Where can I obtain a KNOX lock?

KNOX Applications are available at Station 91 or Station 92. Please call 916-775-1210 to set up an appointment to fill out the application.

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